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  1. Emulating Devices with Chrome Developer Tools

    Chrome Developer Tools have now added a "Device Mode" which gives us a whole host of possibilities for testing our sites in an emulated setup of real devices, along with allowing us to spoof things like user-agents, GPS coordinates and accelerometer stats. In this post we'll introduce Device Mode and explain its main features and how to use them.

  2. Picking Colours With Chrome Developer Tools

    Extracting colours from webpages has never been easier with the functionality baked right into Chrome Developer Tools. This short article shows you how.

  3. 10 Ways to Debug your JavaScript

    Since the humble beginnings of littering your code with alert('here') statements, debugging JavaScript has come a long way. Today I run down 10 different ways to debug your JavaScript code.

  4. Chrome Dev Tools Tips

    I challenged myself to tweet tips about Chrome Dev Tools every day for 30 days - I've collected them all together in this post.