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💼 Client Projects

I'm currently working with a number of great clients on some interesting projects:

Sports Video Analysis System Ext JS

I've been working with these guys on this massive Ext JS frontend for 5 years. It's a fun project that's always expanding.

Sports Video Analysis System II Vue.js NuxtJS Tailwind CSS

After a merger, I am involved with re-implementing features from various systems into a consolidated platform. This is being built with NuxtJS and Tailwind CSS.

Facilities Management Web Application Vue.js

I started to put the groundwork down for this Vue.js web application at the end of summer last year and it has since grown and grown. It's becoming a nice and mature application with lots of new features going in all the time.

Sencha Cafe Publications Ext JS

In 2022 I delivered a series of webinars for Sencha about Building a cross-platform Email Client with ExtJS. I have recently finished converting these webinars into written tutorials which are in the process of being turned into 'mini-ebooks' to be distributed to Sencha customers.

💡 Side-Projects

I like to have a side-project or two on-going to keep learning or to try and carve out another revenue stream.


This Now page and my blog are part of my revived plans to get back to creating and teaching. I've published a handful of short 'quick tip' posts to get the momentum back. I hope to have some more long-form articles published in the coming weeks.

Code Snippet Manager

I've been learning ReactJS by building a Code Snippet Manager that, as always, has grown arms and legs from the learning exercise it was meant to be! It's been a fun experience to learn React and get some experience with the framework.

🛠 Offline Projects & Hobbies

Not everything I do is in front of the computer, I've usually a DIY or wood working project and some sport on the go!

  • Building a raised bed to get the kids involved in planting vegetables
  • The summer league football team I play for is halfway through the season and we currently sitting 2nd

📚 Reading & Listening

Some things I'm listening to and reading: