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Unfortunately, this contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winner!

You can still buy a Sencha App Code Review and get some great benefits for your application!

To mark the release of my new email course - Best Practices for Improving your Sencha Apps I'm giving you the chance to win a Sencha App Code Review, worth £1,000, to help you improve your Sencha app.

The course aims to help you create better Sencha apps with 7 daily lessons outlining best practices and design patterns.

To enter, simply enroll in my email course using the form below and you will be automatically be entered into the draw!

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Course Contents

Lesson 1 - The importance of conventions

Laying the correct foundations and setting out the coding guidelines will make your applications easier to navigate and friendlier for new developers.

Lesson 2 - Clean up your components effectively

Keep your applications lean by making sure you clean-up after yourself. Learn how to hook into the destroy process, about the main culprits of memory leaks and how to keep your DOM small.

Lesson 3 - Creating lightweight views

Learn how to construct your views as effectively and efficiently as possible. Pick the right component for the job and avoid over-nesting to simplify your views.

Lesson 4 - Retrieving components the right way

Accessing your view components is a fundamental part of writing applications but the best way to do it is often not clear. If you rely on Ext.getCmp this lesson will help you see the error of your ways and show you light on better ways to get component references.

Lesson 5 - Writing testable code

This lesson will focus on how to write your applications with testability in mind so your business logic can be easily tested - giving you piece of mind.

Lesson 6 - Maximising your workflow efficiency

A rundown of some useful tools and workflows to make your app development as efficient as possible.

Lesson 7 - Optimise your apps performance

Everyone wants their apps to run faster, this lesson will look at some of the best techniques to avoid bottlenecks and squeeze every last drop of performance out of your code.

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