Mobile Development for Web Developers by Josh Morony Course Launch

Mobile Development for Web Developers

Native languages and technology aren’t the only way to create engaging and powerful mobile applications.

Web developers like us are in a fantastic position to put their tried and tested front-end web skills (I’m talking JavaScript, HTML and CSS) to use in creating native-like applications across all platforms. This means we can distribute our apps across iOS, Android, Windows and even BlackBerry without learning each platform’s native languages.

You may think that this approach to developing native-matching apps quicker, cheaper and with better quality is some witchcraft that is too good to be true. It isn’t, and its easier than ever to get started.

My friend Josh Morony has put together a fantastic course - Mobile Development for Web Developers - to help web developers like us transition into mobile development and start making engaging and powerful apps right away.

Mobile Development for Web Developers Mobile Development for Web Developers

The course takes us right through the process from explaining all the concepts involved and possible tech to use, right through to submitting your app to the app stores.

There are 4 sections to the course each focussing on one aspect of the mobile development process:

Section 1: Introduction to HTML5 Mobile Development

This sections explains how we can use our web development skills to create mobile apps and the approaches we can use to do it.

Section 2: Native Wrappers

PhoneGap is a big part of HTML5 app development and this is what you’ll learn about here. How it bridges the gap between web code and the actual device and the possibilities that this opens up for us.

Section 3: Mobile App Development

This is where you’ll get into the guts of app development. You’ll be working with the Ionic Framework to create a fully functional app that even integrates with the device’s camera.

Section 4: Mobile Game Development

Not only can us web developers create great apps we can also create great games too. This chapter dives into using the Phaser framework to create a great wee game to introduce the topic of game development.

Section 5: App Store Submission

Finally, we want to distribute our apps to the world and this module walks us through the process.

You can read more details about the course and the modules and even grab some sneak previews to see the great stuff you’re in for!

So, head down to Josh’s site and grab a copy of the Mobile Development for Web Developers course.

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I’m a software engineer, author and entrepreneur. I have spent the last 10 years creating things for mobile and web. I specialise in creating cross-platform HTML5 web and mobile applications using technologies such as JavaScript, Sencha and PhoneGap.